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The Committee for an Inclusive Community (CIC) is an organization at the University of Oregon Psychology Department composed of graduate students, faculty and staff invested in the shared interest of a diverse and inclusive environment within the department. The organization was first formed in 2012 and admits new members every year. Some of the CIC’s yearly goals include an open dialogue amongst students on the topic of inclusivity, collecting and reporting on data relevant to current perceptions of the department’s success at achieving an inclusive environment, and fostering opportunities around growth and development of more inclusive practices in academia.


The core mission of the Committee for an Inclusive Community (CIC) is to foster an inclusive environment in the Department of Psychology. The CIC will further that goal by: (1) providing opportunities for the Department to discuss diversity and inclusivity and integrate these values into our research, teaching, and mentorship; and (2) collaborating with additional campus resources (e.g., Center on Diversity and Community, VP of Equity and Inclusion).



Brice Kuhl (Chair), (Vice Chair)

Graduate Student GE

Jenn Lewis

Graduate Student, Faculty/Teaching/Research, and Staff Members

Michelle Byrne, PhD
Crystal Dehle, PhD
Yoel Everett
Monika Lind
Karlena Ochoa

CIC Alumni

Nick Allen, Jocelyn Barton, Elliot Berkman, Zhen Cheng, Brian Clark, Daryn Blanc-Goldhammer, Jennifer Gomez, Robin Hertz, Stephanie Kramer, Rose Maier, Phillippe Bou Malham, Pranj Mehta, Jenny Mendoza, Arian Mobasser, Lou Moses, Ben Nelson, Lauren O’Neil, Jenn Pfieffer, Leslie Roos, Azim Shariff



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